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The Way

Here the Prime objective is to
unveil the mystique of inner and outer beauty utilizing ancient & modern alchemy coupled with new dermal innovation to deliver a tapestry of honest, essential, and meticulously
curated easy to use body product.

We formulate with a powerful catalogue of transparent ingredients that will endow all those endeavoring to be the authors of their skin mythology.

It is without a doubt that there is
limitless untapped potential waiting We indigenous Earthlings.

You are + number 1, our products Hope to usher in a renewed dawn of Beauty & Bounty via harmoniously aware Self-Care

-Michael Shawnderek Chambers-


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We were born out of love and the necessity of it. As a customer driven enterprise we are naturally inclined to give unto the world as equally as we are given unto. We seek to inspire confidence in the soul of HUMANITY

Ego = Greed = Despair = Destruction = Annihilation

The owner has commited to contributing as much of his personal profits as possible to worthy causes that directly and indiscriminately benefit the resilient purposefully driven people that are often ignored, forgotten, denigrated, and or cast aside via the apothogy foundation. No matter Mammal or Insect, we vow to do our best to protect. I believe everyone deserves equal opportunity to thrive and live alive.

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